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The Quantico Area Chapter of the U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association perpetuates friendships and associations formed by chapter members through their common experiences and interests in the Naval Academy and the Naval Services. It promotes fraternity among Naval Academy alumni and fosters interests of our country, the Naval Services, and the Naval Academy. Activities are focused on bonding members of all classes and all generations in a common tradition of service, citizenship, fellowship, and mutual support.

Message from the President

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    • Activities: TBD (C) / Members TBD
    • Membership: TBD (C) / Members TBD
    • Communications: Melanie Salinas (C) / Jorge Esparza / Ron Diefenbach / Steve Ritacco / Andy Wehrle
    • Blue & Gold Liaison: Jim Ripley (C)
    • STEM: Phil Salinas (C)
    • Speaker Series: TBD (C) / Members TBD
    • By-laws: Melanie Salinas (C) / Members TBD


GOALS FOR 2018-2019